Founded in 1960, Meteora has become today leader in the international market of contemporary furniture. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of mr. Pino Vichi and his sons, the company has always manufactured highly valuable and refined furniture. The creative and qualified craftsman technique of the specialized labour working in the historic headquartes of the company, in the heart of tuscany, have abitily to perceive and anticipate the market trends by meeting the changing taste and satisfying the new living requirements. Passion, and determination are in continuous mutation in the search for new collections that will last clients a lifetime. Meteora means all of this: elegant and precious furnishings of finely made handcraft. The constant search, as well as the help of its co-workers, have led Meteora to invest on the restyling of its products thus gaining new markets; a selection of new materials and fabrics meant to fulfill the approval of its devotees and satisfy the trend of the new generations. It results a design that has defined new lines; a design that, by challenging the trends, will stand the test of time.